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Yahoo TV
Yahoo TV listings for USA, requires a ZIP code. Local channels are in a separate grid from cable or satellite.
Television program listings and tv show guide for North America. Enter a zip code.
Dish Network
Dish network program guide. Initially shows all channels for Los Angeles (PST), choose the "change my location" link on their site to customize.
Direct TV satellite system program guide.
Excite TV Guide
Excite's tv guide, enter your zip code and select off-air, cable, satellite for detailed local listings. Registered users can search by star name, or show/series titles.
Good satellite listings grids from the publishers of OnSat and Satellite Times magazines, covering C-Band, 4DTV, Directv and the Dish Network, by time zone.
Titan TV
Television schedules for the USA. Requires free registration with street address, then gives you the over-the-air listings that can be received in your location (as well as cable, satellite etc). You can also add in other non-local channels, so good for the schedules of out-of-area FTA satellite stations.
PBS television schedules across the country.
HD Sports Guide
Guide to sports events on high definition TV in the US, 14 day schedule. Includes RSS feed.
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