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Nordic Countries

TV schedules and programmes for Scandanavian and Nordic countries.

Dagens TV Norway
TV Guide for Norway. In Norwegian.
TV Guiden
TV Schedules and listings for Danish stations, and other stations on cable and satellite systems in Denmark. In Danish.
Dagens TV Sweden
TV Guide for Sweden. In Swedish.
YLE Finland
Program details and schedules for YLE TV stations in Finland (click on YLE TV1, etc). In Finnish.
Danmarks Radio
Danish TV guide, listing over 80 channels from Denmark (including regional and local stations) and other countries in the area. In Danish.
Sol TV-guiden
TV Guide for Norway, with Norwegian channels and a few dozen other cable and satellite stations from around Europe. In Norwegian.
YLE Svenska
Television program times for YLE1, YLE2, MTV3, Nelonen, Subtv and other stations in Finland. In Swedish.
RÝkis˙tvarpi­ RUV
TV Programme listings for Icelandic Television (Sjˇnvarpi­). In Icelandic.
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