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Television programme guides for all stations and networks in France, and available in France on cable and satellite.

TÚlÚ Poche
TV guide with comprehensive listings for all French stations including cable and satellite, plus some channels from nearby countries. In French.
TÚlÚ 7 Jours
One of the best-selling French TV programme magazines, with guide to television shows on all French channels plus a range of cable and satellite stations from other countries. In French.
TÚlÚ Obs
French TV listings guide, with all French channels and others available on cable and satellite. In French.
Excellent TV guide covering most channels in France, Benelux, UK, Germany etc. Good personalisation, PVR, and search features. In French.
Yahoo TÚlÚ
Programme grid for French-language TV programmes. Covers mainly terrestrial stations in France, plus French-speaking stations in Belgium and Switzerland. In French.
One of the better TV guides in France as a magaine on paper, but not one of the best web sites, squashed layout and lots of selections to make. In French.
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